School Uniforms

The school is children second home. The child life special years are spend in school, therefore, it becomes very important that they should not only be smartly dressed but also should be comfortable.
These are some of our sample images.The school is the first institute where the importance of uniform is taught. The school uniforms are the regularly worn dresses hence, fabric quality and proper stitching plays a vital role. We are school uniforms manufacturer in Delhi NCR at jaypee give special importance to fabric used and at stitching. Thus, ensures that the school uniform from our unit is of the best quality which is appreciated both by parents and schools. Both for girls and boys we cover the entire range of summer and winter school uniform. The product includes school shirts, school trousers, skirts, tunic, school T. shirts, school tie, cardigans, Shorts, school blazers etc. The complete customization of the product as per the school norms is done. Ensuring that your child ensures that he/she is well dressed when properly dressed. To know in details about our school uniform you can visit us at Delhi/ Noida or can also contact us through enquiry form. We are best School Uniform manufacturer & Supplier in Delhi NCR/ Noida.

The durability and the quality of material is a major concern. We here at Jaypee Spintex manufacture all school uniforms with a quality and comfortable fabric giving the best of tailoring to the apparel. All kind of outfits both for boys and girls are available like skirts, trousers, short pants, tunics, t-shirts, shirts, coats, jackets, track suits, pullovers, tie etc. The special size dresses are also made on order. Contact us to know more about our wholesale manufacturing price.